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I met Gillie following a life changing event that happened in 2016. I felt really helpless and depressed at this time and was struggling to know what to do next. Upon meeting Gillie I felt completely at ease and comfortable, I could tell straight away that I had made the right decision and I was on the right path to gain control of my mental health again.

I learnt a lot during my sessions with Gillie and I’ll never forget how much confidence and inner strength I gained during this period. I can honestly say that Gillie played a part in changing my life and I will be eternally grateful.

One of the best decisions I have ever made was booking my sessions and making a commitment to get better. I had the best guidance I could’ve asked for. I am now living my dream life and I feel that I have the tools necessary to help me through any problems I face in the future.

My experience with Gillie over the last couple of months truly has been life changing. From my very first session Gillie was attentive and provided guidance and support that was invaluable. Having suffered with anxiety, self-confidence, body images and trust issues over the last couple of years I never thought I would be able to overcome the hurdles that I faced.

Now, 7 months on and using the advice and techniques that Gillie has taught me I have rebuilt my confidence and I am able to rationalise and deal with any obstacles in my way.

I would recommend Gillie to anyone and I cannot thank her enough.


Before meeting Gillie I was not really living a life. A number of issues including OCD and anxiety had left me trapped in a place where I was merely existing. It had taken over my life and I was struggling to function in any kind of normal or meaningful way.

Working with Gille has been a truly invaluable experience. I learnt and gained so much from every session. She helped me really understand who I was as well as the issues I was facing, which gave me a solid foundation to start overcoming them. She helped me fill my toolbox with all the things I need so I can work through every day. She made me feel comfortable from the first session and was both friendly and professional, pushing me and challenging me when I needed it, but in a way that didn’t feel intimidating. She was always really encouraging. It was exactly what I needed.

I now feel confident moving forward in life knowing that I have the tools and knowledge I need to live life.

I highly recommend Gillie. She has really been an incredible counselor and knowing I can go back to her if and when I need to is a real comfort.

Thank you so much Gillie.

My time with Gillie meant a lot to me. I instantly felt comfortable when we met and I was made to feel at ease straight away. That was the one thing that I feel is important...a connection.
The professionalism and friendliness was top notch every time and I would definitely recommend Gillie to anyone struggling with life or even just to talk, she’s amazing at what she does and has helped me loads. I really appreciate everything and I know that if, in the future I feel I need another session, I can book one without hesitation.

Thank you for everything, from the bottom of my heart Gillie.

I started sessions with Gillie, a number of years ago for a number of weeks to deal with certain stresses and anxieties in my life at that time. I then returned to Gillie more recently to discuss and work through some issues related to my last visit and some new, different issues. During both times of my life where I have required counselling and guidance from a professional, Gillie has been fantastic. Gillie is professional yet friendly and approachable, it really feels like you’re talking to a good friend who knows you well. She has empowered me and has helped me see my worth in a variety of life situations through providing a listening ear, advice and different perspectives and practical everyday solutions and activities. It is evident how much Gillie really cares and listens, sometimes I would discuss certain issues over and over for period of months and never felt judged or like I should be ‘over it’, which is how it can sometimes feel talking to friends and family. I really got a sense that Gillie was ‘routing for me’ and wanted me to do well and overcome my issues. She has taught me a lot, that I keep with me daily and has actually inspired me to talk to and help others and to be more open and honest about mental health. I highly recommend this lovely lady and exceptional counsellor and will not hesitate to return to her in the near or far future, should I need to.

Thank you Gillie.

I found Gillie to be an extremely empowering Therapist and she has a natural empathy and inate talent as a very focused person....
I also found her to be very confident which made me feel comfortable as she seemed to identify " me" in my situation very easily....
Gillie helped me to re-connect with my own strengths and self worth during the first session...
I was able to move on quickly...
I highly recommend her and have done so to several people..
I have seen other therapists but for me Gillie was outstanding.
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